Am I the charmer or the charmed?
If you taste my venom will you be harmed?
You’ve done this often in the past
Might this encounter be your last?

You dodge and feint and try a trick
But your worthy opponent is just as quick
And lo at last I find your vein
Your face contorts! You scream in pain!

Your body fights my fiery fluid.
You start to panic and pray to a Druid.
I crouch in the corner taking this in
Watching you writhe and flail and spin.

Your body convulses — your hands try to grasp
A violent hiss signals your last gasp.
You collapse on the floor in a crumpled pile
You’ve messed your pants — I smell the bile.

Your wanted to wander — to be totally free
I’ve done you a favor don’t you see?
No more body to tie you down
Your spirit is free to roam around!

— Michael Rusk

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