What’s Old is New Again

Twitter doubled the limit from 140 characters to 280 characters – some time ago. Some of you may not have been on Twitter in the “old days” when you struggled to fit a comprehensible thought into the constraints of the box. All characters counted – even your favorite URL.

Oh the gyrations we pulled, leaving out vowels, using only first letters of words, trying URL shorteners – always trying to leave enough room that followers could reply without messing up your message.

I recently tried to add what I thought was a short poem only to find out it was almost 500 characters long! How to share it? Remembered WordPress and free blogs and thought I’d set up a free account. To my surprise I discovered that I had set one up in 2010!

Resurrected and inspected the mess I had created. There was the poem I wanted to share along with some short writings.

Anyway, here it is – again!

I cross the road because I can...
Crossing the road!

Primal Screams

I am a proponent of many different methods of stress relief including meditation, yoga, chanting, rhythm induced trances, boxing and primal screaming.

Primal screaming takes the least amount of thought. There is nothing intellectual, no out of body experience, no hallucinations, no touching the face of whomever you want to touch – it is pure animal.

There are two things I want to tell you about this technique:

1)      It is sudden. It is over as soon as you run out of breath. You must let go completely. The scream emanates from the lowest recesses of your bowels. When you are finished you flop down and enjoy complete freedom from whatever pressure caused you distress.
2)      Don’t do it in your cubicle during business hours.

I’ve got to go now – the people from HR are here to do the exit interview and escort me out. I’ll log in later…

Mikey :}