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Lake City Way Ninja Girl

I love it when a new book grabs my cheeks and will not let me put it down until I have read it all the way through!

Such is the case with Lake City Way Ninja Girl by Cait Moore.

I have eclectic reading tastes and love to pick up random books by unfamiliar authors. I am seldom disappointed, and this was no exception.

Much like a roller coaster, but without the long, slow climb to the first hill, the reader is swept through Gaby’s metamorphosis from a 12-year-old rebellious student into a passionate crime fighter.

The narrative does not skip a beat and the heart pounding action flows seamlessly to the final chapters. There was a moment towards the last few chapters where I started to relax, lulled into a false sense of a happy ending, when – BAM! – the story takes a final, gut-wrenching twist that leaves a reader wondering what happened.

I am afraid to say more about the story itself for fear of ruining the many surprises sprinkled throughout. Suffice it to say, the dialog is realistic, the level of detail is perfect, and the plot is not that farfetched. It is contemporary and timely.

The book is a must read for young adults and I expect young ladies will get much inspiration from Gaby. I am sure my granddaughters will enjoy it when it is wrapped up under the Christmas Tree this year.

If you have never heard of Cait Moore – now is the time to pick up Lake City Way Ninja Girl and get to know her. I highly recommend the book without reservation.


Indefensible by Thomas Banks

The story is amazing!

A fascinating book that might end up being the headlines of tomorrow – though I hope not.

I ended up almost reading from start-to-finish in one sitting. The story and writing style grabs your attention and keeps you invested in the story. The tension is very high with a few twists tossed in to keep you on your toes.

The premise is extremely realistic, the conversations and interactions indicate a high degree of technical knowledge, but the reader is not bored to death with explanations or sidebars explaining what was said. I can’t help but compare the author’s writing with Tom Clancy’s books after his first. Mr. Clancy chose to ‘educate’ the reader and show off his knowledge. Mr. Banks on the other hand, assumes the reader is intelligent and can look up any items they want to clarify. I enjoy Mr. Banks’ writing more.

Assuming that terrorists will continue to seek ways to strike fear into the infidels then this is a plausible and achievable way forward.

I particularly liked the pilot dialog and behaviors and stopped for a moment to review the author’s bio to verify he had flight experience.

I can’t say too much about the plot for fear of mentioning spoilers. Leave it to say Mr. Banks has created an amazing story that could cause you to get a few grey hairs or begin to look up next time you hear a whining sound above you.


I Met Lisette Brodey in Squalor, New Mexico

Back in the early days of Twitter I stumbled on a book titled “Squalor, New Mexico.” I was curious since I had been raised in New Mexico and thought I knew all the towns in the state but had never heard of Squalor. Not the shy type, as long as there was a computer between me and the rest of the world, I reached out and had a chat with Lisette ( @LisetteBrodey ). She wouldn’t divulge many details but suggested I read it.

It didn’t seem to be my cup of tea but I had to find out where this town was!

Needless to say, I was captivated by the writing and story and finished the book over a weekend. I couldn’t put it down. I did discover where Squalor was located. I suggest if you don’t know, that you get the book and learn the secret location.

Not long after, I bought the Desert Series – Mystical High, Desert Star, and Drawn Apart. I was so impressed I ordered multiple sets of the series to give to my granddaughters for Christmas.

Enchanted with her stories and writing style, I picked up Crooked Moon and spent another long weekend reading it from cover to cover.

Hotel Obscure was next in my collection and it did not disappoint! The life stories captured in this book are incredible.

Lisette’s story telling ability captivates from the first page and holds your attention to the final credits. It’s sad when I reach the end wanting more.

Now I’ve got Molly Hacker is Too Picky and Love, Look Away for more drama!

If you haven’t tried Lisette Brodey then I urge you to not waste another minute! It doesn’t matter where you start (except in the Desert Series).

Recommended without qualification! Mikey Likes It!