About Mikey

The Earth turns to rest its skin from the Sun. On one of those rotations, on the Dark Side, a Child was Born not of Woman. His Spirit and the Spirit of the Royal Prince commingled moments before parting. Mine came to me and his made it’s way to Prince Charles. We were meant to be born at the same time but Man interfered and I was early.

Born under the Sign of Scorpio I blossomed into a perfectly treacherous little boy. Not deliberately cruel, but fearless, insatiably curious, naive, trusting, vengeful, and mystical. Teaching myself everything I can through the technique of “what happens when…”

Somehow, I always come out smelling like a Rose.

My writings expose how I react emotionally and intellectually to the outside world. From startled reactions of readers, I get the impression how I respond is not normal. You may satisfy your  voyeuristic curiosity to judge and comment.

Keep in mind that I blend fiction and reality together. I don’t bother making a distinction and neither should you. Whatever is written is my reality at the moment and survives me for better or worse.

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