It Could Be Worse

Contemplating current events, trying to make sense of life, I was thinking to myself that this is the worst situation I have ever seen.

But then I started thinking back over my short life and considered these situations…

1959-1960: John F. Kennedy’s campaign against Nixon – characterized by accusing JFK of being under the Pope’s control; criticized by accepting endorsement of Liberal Party of New York; recounts of votes and disputes over electoral votes. I remember it more vividly because I was in a Catholic school and the nuns and priests were pro-Kennedy! It was nasty.

1961: Berlin Wall constructed

1962: Cuban Missile crisis – I remember the nuclear attack drills at school, hiding under our flimsy desks.

1963: Assassination of Kennedy – rumors swirled that Johnson had him killed – and the conspiracy talk endures to this day.

1967: the long, hot summer where 159 race riots erupted with the most violent in Newark, New Jersey and Detroit Michigan;  in December, 1967, Miami police chief Walter E. Headley uttered the now-famous phrase “When the looting starts, the shooting starts.”

1968: Martin Luther King assassinated; Viet Nam war protests everywhere – violent; crowds protest Miss America Pageant; riots at Democratic National Convention.

1970: Kent State shootings – so vivid, like it happened yesterday.

1971: Weather Underground claims responsibility for bombing the men’s room at the United States Capitol; Nixon issues executive order imposing a 90-day freeze on wages and prices to counter inflation.

1972: Gas rationing

1973: Oil crisis

I could go on – every year seems to have its own set of controversial issues.

The climate surrounding the election, the rhetoric, protesting, threats – all seem to pale in comparison to what existed in the past.

I am distressed and agitated by what I see on television but taken against the backdrop of what I’ve lived through these times certainly have a long way to go before they rise to the level of my ‘growing up’ years!

No matter what, the sun always comes up in the morning. Be strong and carry on.

It could be worse.


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