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Lake City Way Ninja Girl

I love it when a new book grabs my cheeks and will not let me put it down until I have read it all the way through!

Such is the case with Lake City Way Ninja Girl by Cait Moore.

I have eclectic reading tastes and love to pick up random books by unfamiliar authors. I am seldom disappointed, and this was no exception.

Much like a roller coaster, but without the long, slow climb to the first hill, the reader is swept through Gaby’s metamorphosis from a 12-year-old rebellious student into a passionate crime fighter.

The narrative does not skip a beat and the heart pounding action flows seamlessly to the final chapters. There was a moment towards the last few chapters where I started to relax, lulled into a false sense of a happy ending, when – BAM! – the story takes a final, gut-wrenching twist that leaves a reader wondering what happened.

I am afraid to say more about the story itself for fear of ruining the many surprises sprinkled throughout. Suffice it to say, the dialog is realistic, the level of detail is perfect, and the plot is not that farfetched. It is contemporary and timely.

The book is a must read for young adults and I expect young ladies will get much inspiration from Gaby. I am sure my granddaughters will enjoy it when it is wrapped up under the Christmas Tree this year.

If you have never heard of Cait Moore – now is the time to pick up Lake City Way Ninja Girl and get to know her. I highly recommend the book without reservation.