Is Corona Virus Real?*


Up until I got the phone call from my youngest son, Daryll, all of the news was just that – political posturing, insults, fear-mongering – stuff that happens to someone else.

“Dad, Sandy was in a meeting this morning at the hospital and one of the patients on her unit tested positive for Covid 19.”

“What!?!? Is she OK? What are you going to do when she comes home? Where is she going to stay?”

“We don’t know anything yet.”

“Put her in the motorhome! Don’t let her touch the girls!”

“Dad! Calm down. We don’t know anything yet! Besides we just had a concrete extension added to the driveway and it’s got to cure four weeks before I can pull the motorhome out of storage and put it by the house!”

After a few hours stewing about it, my blood pressure returned to normal, and I tried to put “parent/grandparent” back in its cage.

Two days later I got another phone call, this one from my youngest daughter.

“Daddy, Lizzy has been sick for about a week and I finally took her to the doctor. It’s not strep or the flu and they’ve set her up for a Covid-19 test.”

“What!?!? Oh my God!”

“We have an appointment tomorrow afternoon at the hospital for the test.”

I’m not patient and waiting for answers is stressing me out!

The next day, Daryll sent a text to the family group – Sandy is sick and is scheduled for a Covid-19 test!

Then the final straw yesterday – Darcy was working on some paperwork for her mother and needed some information. It was just about dinner time and she dialed her mom’s home phone. There was no answer so she tried the mobile number.

I heard her say “What! I don’t know how this switched to the Fire Department! I was just trying to call my mother.”

Apparently, whoever answered told her he was there with her mom who had activated the emergency call function by “pulling the cord” in her apartment.

Her legs had given out and she collapsed coming out of her bathroom. She couldn’t make her legs work and rolled over to grab the cord by the nightstand.

The EMTs took her to the hospital and got her settled in a room. Darcy’s sister, who lives closer to her than we do, tried to get in the hospital but they turned her away.

Later in the evening Darcy’s sister got a call from the hospital that they had done a chest x-ray and detected Covid-19 damage and would be keeping her.

Today, at lunchtime, Darcy just talked on the phone with her mother, who seems to be in good spirits other than wanting out of the hospital.

Now we wait for the results of her Covid-19 test.

Lightning doesn’t have to strike me more than three times to get my attention!

I’m staying home until the coast is clear and hope everyone else does the same.


*Everything is real except the names – privacy and all that you know.

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