What’s Old is New Again

Twitter doubled the limit from 140 characters to 280 characters – some time ago. Some of you may not have been on Twitter in the “old days” when you struggled to fit a comprehensible thought into the constraints of the box. All characters counted – even your favorite URL.

Oh the gyrations we pulled, leaving out vowels, using only first letters of words, trying URL shorteners – always trying to leave enough room that followers could reply without messing up your message.

I recently tried to add what I thought was a short poem only to find out it was almost 500 characters long! How to share it? Remembered WordPress and free blogs and thought I’d set up a free account. To my surprise I discovered that I had set one up in 2010!

Resurrected and inspected the mess I had created. There was the poem I wanted to share along with some short writings.

Anyway, here it is – again!

I cross the road because I can...
Crossing the road!

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